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Atridox Therapy

Atridox Therapy

When bacteria form under the gum line, they can create an infection. Atridox Therapy can help prevent the growth of such infection-causing bacteria. At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we provide Atridox Therapy to prevent the growth of infection-causing bacteria. Our qualified and experienced hygienist provides this therapy as part of your dental treatment plan.

The Antibiotic Therapy

Atridox is an ideal therapy that we may consider for patients who cannot seek protracted periodontal therapy and have been medically or physically compromised. It is also often considered where patients are concerned and there is a need for minimally invasive treatment and something that doesn’t require local anesthesia.

Once our Dental Hygienist in Doral, FL, Erika Falcon RDH conducts the therapy by first removing the bacteria around the pockets formed in your gums. The main objective of this antibiotic therapy is to ensure the bacteria don’t return. It will help prevent gum infections after we have completed root planing and scaling.

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When is Atridox Therapy Required?

Atridox therapy is often required as an important adjunctive treatment for saving critical and strategic teeth that serve a crucial prosthetic role. We consider using it when our patients have challenging and advanced periodontal problems. For example, long-span bridges may be in place and a key retainer may suffer a periodontal breakdown.

How Does Atridox Therapy Work?

Atridox is an antibiotic gel that helps in treating chronic gum disease in adults. We use Atridox gel, which is placed within the infected pocket. It will become wax-like when it comes in touch with your saliva, gradually releasing the medicine over a period of time. Our periodontist and Dental Hygienist in Doral, FL may require follow-up treatments based on the severity of the condition.

The antibiotic works by causing disruption in the process of protein generation by bacteria. This disruption can help prevent infection. The medication also helps improve your gum and mouth’s health, further slowing or halting the development of periodontal disease.

You should expect your Atridox treatment period to last up to 7 days. This period can vary based on the severity of the condition and the patient. Our Dental Hygienist in Doral, FL will require you to brush and floss with care during the treatment period. It will be required to be gentler with your dental hygiene. We may even prescribe a mouthwash to our patients during this treatment period.