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Dental Emergency

Dental Emergencies

Pediatric dental emergencies can often be distressing, but they are more common and you should be ready to deal with them. Almost 1 in 3 children experience some kind of dental trauma and more experience dental emergencies. Dental emergencies are more likely to occur during toddlerhood when children like to explore their environment. Besides, sports injuries can occur during preadolescent and adolescent periods. At Doral Dental Specialty Center, our Pediatric Dentist in Doral, FL provides pediatric dental emergency care and treatment to young patients throughout the region.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Children commonly face the following kinds of dental emergencies:

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Some of the other types of pediatric dental emergencies include lost fillings, tooth displacement, dental avulsion, root fraction, dental intrusion, and dental abscess. A pediatric dental emergency may occur at any time and you should make every effort to keep your child calm before fixing an appointment at Doral Dental Specialty Center.