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Orthodontics Emergency Care

Orthodontic Emergency Care

Minor orthodontic problems are something you can usually take care of yourself. Major orthodontic emergencies are quite rare, but require you to seek immediate attention. At Doral Dental Specialty Center, our Orthodontist in Doral, FL provides orthodontic emergency care for different types of minor and major emergencies.

So, what kind of orthodontic emergencies you can face and what should you do? We have some valuable information for you to make the right decision.

Knocked-Out or Out of Position Tooth

Sometimes, you may accidentally get hit in the face and your braces may prevent a tooth from getting completely knocked out. The tooth may also be pushed out of position and the wire may be bent. In these circumstances, you should fix an appointment with our orthodontist, Dr. Carlos Feo.

Bracket Coming Loose

Brackets are glued to the front side of the tooth. Then there is the archwire that is tied to these brackets with the help of ligatures. When you have worn your braces for some time, the wire can start straightening out and causing your teeth to move. Then, there are bands or metal rings that go around the back molars at the point where the archwire slips into a slot. One or more brackets or bands can sometimes feel loose or get unglued. If you experience any such problem, you should contact our orthodontist.

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Wire Poking Out

Every time you have an appointment at Doral Dental Specialty Center, we suggest that you check for any wires that you can feel. At times, a wire may shift for any number of reasons. If it causes pain, you should immediately fix an appointment with us. If it is after hours, we can see you the next day and can suggest some temporary measures to overcome the irritation.

Spacer or Separator Coming Loose

The bands may need some space to be created before they can be placed around some teeth. This space is created by the Orthodontist in Doral, FL using spacers or separators. If a separator comes loose, run the following floss test:

If not, then fix an appointment with our Orthodontist in Doral, FL and get the separator replaced.

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