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Comprehensive Dental Exam

Comprehensive dental Exams

Comprehensive dental exams are one of the many procedures that we offer at Doral Dental Specialty Center. These exams allow us to detect any dental at an early stage. We suggest you get a dental exam at least once a year or preferably twice a year. We are located in Doral, FL and provide comprehensive dental care services and treatments in the Doral and Miami area.

Find out why periodic dental exams are important and the services we can provide during your appointment.

Need for Comprehensive Dental Exams

You need a comprehensive exam even when you don’t seem to have any dental problems or pain. We strongly believe that early detection and treatment through routine exams play an important role in preventing oral diseases. If you have dental problems and leave them untreated, they will get worse with time.

What is Involved in a Comprehensive Exam?

During a routine examination, our dentists will run a visual examination. If required, we may also conduct digital X-rays to find:

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Oral Cancer Screening

If our dentists suspect anything, we may also recommend an oral cancer screening, which is a separate service. We suggest getting your screening once a year. We will look for any signs of precancerous conditions or cancer in your mouth. The goal here is to detect oral cancer as early as possible.

Benefits of Comprehensive Oral Exams

Regular dental exams take care of not just your oral health, but your overall health. If you have gum infections, they can also develop potential health problems such as those related to the heart. Leaving dental conditions undetected can also increase the risk of tooth loss. Regular oral exams help detect any existing problems during an early stage, thus improving the chances of successful treatment.