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Implant Prosthetics

Implant Prosthetics

Implant prosthetics are dental prosthetic appliances supported by dental implants. The implants that offer support to these prostheses are called abutment sites. If you have missing teeth, your prosthodontist at Doral Dental Specialty Center may consider this restorative dental option to restore your dental functionality and aesthetics. Our Prosthodontist in Doral, FL will conduct a comprehensive dental exam and diagnosis before determining your oral condition and the best type of prosthesis.

Restoring Aesthetics & Functionality

When it comes to your prosthetics treatment, we want you to smile with confidence, not worry about how your smile looks, and eat everything you like. Our Cosmetic Dentist in Doral, FL can restore a single missing tooth or your entire arch of missing teeth. Implant prosthetics are designed to look and function just like your natural teeth. We are sure you will love your smile and no one will notice that you are missing one or more teeth. When proper care and regular checkups are provided, these prosthetics can last a lifetime.

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Benefits of Implant Prosthetics

Modern dentistry uses advanced technology, techniques, and materials that help restore your missing teeth or treat deteriorating or damaged dental structures. Some of the key benefits of seeking implant prosthetics treatment from our Prosthodontist in Doral, FL are as follows:

i. Just Like Natural Teeth

Ceramic and resin materials can be customized to create the looks of natural teeth. The dental prosthetics are fixed to dental implants to make them more stable. They can not only look like natural teeth but can also work just like them.

ii. Comfortable

The implant dentures placed by our Cosmetic Dentist in Doral, FL don’t interfere with your speech, don’t make you feel uncomfortable with your smile, and don’t cause you to lose your appetite. Rather, they will help you with chewing and eating your food because they are secure in their place. They also make it easier and more comfortable for you to speak and smile.

iii. Feel More Confident

As mentioned above, the use of implant prosthetics can also help boost your confidence levels and self-esteem. These prosthetics stay in place and don’t require any adhesives. They will fuse with your oral structure and will look and function just like your natural teeth. All these factors will work together to make you feel more confident when you speak, smile, and eat.

There are even more benefits of choosing implant prosthetics at Doral Dental Specialty Center. They are cost-efficient treatments, help improve your oral health, and make oral hygiene simpler.

Types of Implant Prosthetics

Our Prosthodontist in Doral, FL will thoroughly assess your oral condition before helping you choose the perfect implant prosthetics. Some of the popular options include:

At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we work with different types of crowns including porcelain fused to metal (PFM), Zirconia, acrylic or composite resin, and gold among others. Our prosthetics team will work closely with you to determine the best course of treatment for your dental condition.