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Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen®

As a teen, it is normal for cosmetic issues to interfere with your self-esteem and confidence levels. Having a misaligned smile can be of big concern to teens even when it seems beyond control. At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we offer Invisalign Teen® to help correct a wide range of dental issues you may have. Some of the common issues that are corrected using these types of aligners include crowded and crooked teeth and gaps in smile. During treatment, our orthodontist will provide you with clear custom aligners that gradually move your teeth into the right position.

Invisalign Teen® is suited for those who don’t want to wear traditional braces.

Invisalign Teen® Vs Invisalign

Invisalign Teen® has been designed to address specific challenges related to adolescents. It is common for teens to forget to put their aligners back after taking food or drinks or engaging in sports activities. These aligners address this issue by showing a blue indicator that keeps track of the number of hours they wore their aligners every day. Teens require more replacement aligners, as they tend to damage or lose them more often. So, teens will need more aligners compared to their adult counterparts.

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Advantages of Invisalign Teen®

There are many advantages of using Invisalign Teen® over many other forms of orthodontic treatment options. This includes:

There are many more advantages of choosing Invisalign Teen®. It is precise and highly effective in guiding your teeth to proper alignment.