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Single Tooth Implant

Single Tooth Implant

If you miss a single tooth, an implant and a crown can replace it. Like other implants, single tooth implants can too replace your teeth and roots. It helps restore your smile and maintain the standard functionality of your teeth. A dental implant can easily replace your missing natural tooth without hampering the functions of the nearby teeth. In other replacements like tooth-supported fixed bridges, you need healthy adjacent teeth to support the cemented bridge. Contact us at Doral Dental Specialty Center in Doral, Florida, if you miss a tooth and want to get a single tooth implant. We have some of the most experienced dentists with us, who will first conduct a test to understand your conditions and then suggest the right treatment method for you.

Who are the right candidates for the procedure?

If you miss your tooth, then a single tooth implant can be an effective solution. But for executing that, there are some oral criteria that you will need to meet:
Apart from this, your dentist will also check for cavities and other oral problems. If everything is fine, then they can execute the implant treatment. It would help if you had an initial consultation to decide the ideal procedure to treat your condition.

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Advantages of a single tooth implant?

A missing tooth can create a lot of issues in oral functioning. It can misalign your neighboring teeth, interfere with the chewing functions, and cause irregular bites.
It is easy to maintain a single tooth implant, and it can last for many years, too, with proper care. So if you are intrigued by the implants’ benefits and want to discuss in detail the treatment, do not delay contacting our experts today!