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General Dentistry in Doral

At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we find it truly rewarding to have the opportunity to change our patients’ lives by renewing their confidence with a smile. We take a special interest in those with dental anxiety and strive in everything we do to create an atmosphere of compassion and respect. When you join the Doral Dental Specialty Center family, you’ll be treated by a highly dedicated group of professionals, who understand how important customizing treatment is to your smile. We are a multi-specialty practice located in Doral, FL.

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Here are the General Dental Services we provide in Doral:

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What are the benefits of general dentistry?

General dentistry primarily focuses on oral care, dental examinations, and other preventive measures that would make your teeth and gums healthy. Preventive procedures like periodic examinations and regular teeth cleaning sessions can improve your dental conditions and give you a plaque-free healthy smile. It also includes oral cancer screening, which helps you identify the deadly disease at an early stage, and thus, there is a higher chance of getting cured.

The benefits of availing of general dentistry services are as follows:

At Doral Dental Speciality Center, our primary aim is to help you gain better oral health in a friendly and relaxing environment. We offer comprehensive dental care services and perform different types of dental treatment under the same roof.