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Internal Whitening

Internal Whitening

External teeth whitening can deliver positive results when used for several months. Still, many people can have a tooth or a few teeth that stay yellow. Such a tooth can be whitened only with the help of internal whitening. At Doral Dental Specialty Center, our Endodontist in Doral, FL offers advanced internal tooth whitening techniques to help you with your deeply stained teeth. Our services are geared toward making you feel confident about the way your teeth look.

Difference Between Internal & External Teeth Whitening

Traditional tooth whitening involves the removal of stains on the external surface of the teeth. There are both dentist-prescribed techniques and over-the-counter solutions for it. Internal whitening involves treating the inside of the tooth with peroxide crystals.

Our endodontist will prescribe internal whitening if one or more of your teeth remain yellow if your external whitening and good oral hygiene efforts don’t help. When you have such persistently stained teeth, they can either be dead or infected and need professional dental treatment.

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The Tooth Whitening Process

During your dental appointment, our Endodontist in Doral, FL Dr. Adriana Echenagucia will conduct a root canal procedure before the tooth whitening process begins. The key steps in the overall procedure are as follows:

The bleach is allowed to sit inside for up to 2 weeks. Our endodontist will re-assess the tooth to determine if a repeat is needed.

You can expect the internal whitening procedure to be painless because our Endodontist in Doral, FL will conduct a root canal before the treatment begins. You can take food and drink normally even when the bleach is kept inside the tooth. At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we provide comprehensive dental care to enhance the quality of life of our patients. Our office has multiple dental specialties to provide you with comprehensive dental care and treatments.