Extractions: Primary tooth extractions

Primary tooth extraction involves surgical removal of a baby tooth. Such a tooth may require extraction when there is severe decay or damage due to an injury. At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we perform this procedure for both front and back teeth. Our Pediatric Dentist in Doral, FL can handle different kinds of situations that require tooth extraction, including the simpler front tooth and the complex molar extraction that involves dealing with multiple roots.

Importance of Primary Tooth Extraction

Once our Kids Dentist in Doral, FL finds it necessary, it is important not to avoid or delay extractions. While most baby teeth will fall out on their own, not extracting the damaged or decayed baby tooth on time can cause the permanent tooth buds to get damaged beyond treatment. The infection from primary teeth has the potential to spread to the heart and/or brain.

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When Do Children Need Primary Tooth Extraction?

Our Pediatric Dentist in Doral, FL may recommend tooth extraction for your child in the following scenarios:

What to Expect During Primary Tooth Extraction?

We understand it when parents feel anxious about their child undergoing tooth extraction. At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we take every measure to provide peace of mind to the parents and to make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. 

The main steps involved in the procedure include:

If required, we may apply stitches and use space maintainers. Besides our Pediatric Dentist in Doral, FL, we have a large team of dental professionals with different specialties to help ensure effective treatment. So, you can have complete peace of mind when choosing our office for your child’s dental treatment.