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Fluoride Therapy

Fluoride Therapy

Do you know all the facts about fluoride? Fluoride is a compound that has lately been linked to some controversy. It has been a hot topic for debate due to the fact that it is consistently introduced into our public drinking water supply. But is that necessarily a bad thing for you? Let’s take a look at the effects of fluoride closer. Fluoride is an extremely effective compound that is used to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Benefits of the Fluoride therapy

Fluoride also prevents the establishment, accumulation and hardening of plaque on your teeth’s surfaces. It is primarily because of fluoride’s efficiency and effectiveness at preventing tooth decay that fluoride is added to our public drinking water in the first place. There are several benefits of applying fluoride in your teeth, like:

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Getting Fluoride therapy at Doral Dental Specialty Center

Your dentist also gives you fluoride treatments when you visit them to protect your teeth further. A fluoride treatment is quite quick, usually only taking a few minutes. Once you have had a treatment, you will be told to not rinse out your mouth or consume any food or liquids for at least 30 minutes after the procedure to allow your teeth to completely absorb the fluoride. Dentists usually recommend that you have a fluoride treatment about every three to six months depending on your oral health.

If you need a fluoride treatment or are worried about your likeliness to get cavities, please contact us here at Doral Dental Specialty Center. We will get your teeth clean as soon as you can come in!