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Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift

Sinus lift is often used to increase the jaw’s bone density to support dental implants. When you have lost teeth, especially for a long time, the jaw supporting those lost teeth could be going through the process of deterioration. Bone loss can also occur due to diseases such as periodontitis. At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we provide sinus lift, other oral surgeries, and other dental treatments to help restore your oral functionality and appearance.

When is a Sinus Lift Required?

If we find enough bone between the bottom of the sinus and the upper jaw ridge for stabilizing the dental implant, we will consider performing sinus lift along with implant placement in a single procedure. We will recommend you this oral surgery in the following scenarios:

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The Procedure

Our oral surgeon will determine the bone material to be used for your sinus lift procedure. This involves performing digital imaging assessments through X-ray or CT scan. We can choose from different anesthetic options to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. This includes:
We usually allow 6 or more months for the treated area to heal before the implant is placed. However, there are times when we can place the implant immediately.


Dental implants help stop bone recession that occurs after tooth loss. Once your upper jaw is augmented, it can retain bone tissue with proper care. Sinus lift is essential for many dental implant scenarios. Based on the structure and condition of your upper jaw, the placement of implants can harm the maxillary sinuses if a lift is not performed.

At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we provide complete oral surgery treatment options for different kinds of dental conditions. We have a large team of dentists specializing in various areas of dentistry. This allows you to access comprehensive dental care and treatment under the same roof.