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Tooth Replacement Options

Tooth Replacement Options

If you are missing multiple teeth, the team at Doral Dental Specialists can help you restore the function, appearance, and form of your smile. We understand it when our patients are concerned about their appearance and their perception of instability that comes with dentures and partials. We are located in Doral and serve the communities from all over Doral and Miami.

Treatment Options

If you have lost most of your teeth, we can provide advanced dental treatment. This includes our all-on-four / six / eight implant treatment. The process of inserting the implants and getting the hybrid denture fixed can be completed in a single day. The unique design of this implant means that there may be no need for sinus lift or bone grafting.

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Ideal Candidate for Tooth Replacement Options

If you missing multiple teeth and don’t want to get dentures, you may be an ideal candidate for tooth replacement options. While age is not of concern for these treatment options, the following factors do affect the success rate of the implant treatments we offer:
We will take X-rays of your jaw to assess the best course of treatment for your missing teeth. They also help us determine whether additional procedures or tests are required.

Importance of Tooth Replacement Treatments

The condition and presence of your teeth affect your overall health. When you have healthy teeth, it has a positive impact on your overall health. When you have missing teeth, it affects your bite, food choices, and speech. When you need to rely on the remaining teeth, it increases the wear on them. Additional problems include jaw pain and headaches.

At Doral Dental Specialists, we can help determine the right treatment options for your missing teeth to help improve your oral and overall health.