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Genioplasty or chin surgery is helpful in improving the chin and jawline through the surgical movement of the chin. Our Oral Surgeon in Doral, FL specializes in chin augmentation surgery for improving your weak chin, correcting asymmetry, or moving back a prominent chin. At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we provide comprehensive dental treatment and care in one place and host multiple dental specialties to improve your quality of life.

When is Genioplasty Required?

There are times when patients seek to enhance or change the looks of their chin. If you want to do this with the following goals, our oral surgeon may recommend genioplasty:

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What Exactly is Genioplasty?

Genioplasty is also known as chin augmentation and chin plastic surgery. It is a cosmetic procedure performed to improve the look of the chin. Your chin is a facial feature that can have a significant impact on your facial proportions and profile when it is asymmetrical, too large, or too small.

We use genioplasty for our patients in different scenarios including the following:

Things to Know About Genioplasty

Before you consider genioplasty for your chin’s appearance, our Oral Surgeon in Doral, FL would like you to know the following things:

How Long the Surgery Will Take?

Chin surgery takes around 60 minutes to complete and longer when combined with other procedures. Based on your needs and chin condition, the procedure may involve:

What Type of Anesthesia is Used?

Our oral surgeon will use general anesthesia because it is well controlled and safe. Local anesthesia may be injected at the point of incision once you are under anesthesia. This is done to provide postoperative comfort.

Are There Any Recovery Recommendations?

If the surgery involves an implant, the incision is made inside the mouth and in the lower part of the lower lip. We will then close the incision using multiple dissolving sutures. You will be required to take a soft diet for a week after your chin surgery.

Sliding genioplasty is performed for correcting cosmetic issues related to a protruding, weak, or asymmetric chin. Our Oral Surgeon in Doral, FL may suggest this type of chin surgery to patients having mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.