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Endodontics is a field of specialization in dentistry related to the study and treatment of dental pulp. The pulp is located at the center of a tooth and is made of connective tissue and cells. When the pulp gets damaged or infected, it can cause pain and/or swelling. At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we have in-house endodontists on our team to provide you with customized root canal treatment services.

If you have any symptoms of an infected tooth such as toothache, swelling, tenderness, or tooth discoloration, you should get a check-up to determine the underlying cause.

Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure that helps save your natural tooth. Also referred to as endodontic therapy, it is focused on removing an infection from within the tooth. It is also considered highly effective in preventing future tooth infections. It is also considered effective in preventing the need for dental implants or bridges.

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At Doral Dental Specialty Center, our Endodontist in Doral, FL offers advanced internal tooth whitening techniques to help you with your deeply stained teeth. Our services are geared toward making you feel confident about the way your teeth look.

It is very rare but a root canal treatment may not result in the complete healing of the tooth. The infection may persist or a new infection may have set in. Sometimes, the tooth may have been damaged or come loose. In such scenarios, our endodontists may require you to get a root canal re-treatment.

At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we help overcome the problems associated with such a failed root canal treatment with an apicoectomy. Dr. Adriana Echenagucia, our specialized Endodontist in Doral, FL, and her team will handle the procedure to restore your dental health.

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At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we use the latest technology including digital imaging, operating microscopes, fiber optics, and more to provide the best endodontic care you can find anywhere.