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Same Day Braces

Same Day Braces

You may be considering braces or other orthodontic appliances but don’t seem to have the time to commit to the treatment process. At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we understand that some of our patients cannot find time out of their busy work schedules, school life, or other commitments. Our same-day braces services are designed to help you get your orthodontic appliance on your very first visit. Our qualified and experienced Orthodontist in Doral, FL, Dr. Carlos Feo, can provide complete orthodontic care and treatment services to you.

What to Expect During Your Same-Day Braces Visit?

When you visit our office for orthodontic treatment, we will take digital X-rays and a quick scan, if required. Our team will also take a few diagnostic pictures of your teeth, oral cavity, face, and smile. Our Orthodontist in Doral, FL will then perform an examination of your teeth and jaws before discussing your concerns and queries. Once he helps you decide on the perfect braces, we will start the procedure. If you prefer Invisalign clear aligners, we can take your scans within 15 minutes.

The main steps involved in our same-day braces process are as follows:

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Benefits of Same-Day Braces

There are many benefits of choosing our same-day braces services. This includes:

Time Savings
This is simply the most important and sought-after reason for our patients to seek same-day braces. You can get your braces the same day as your consultation. Thus, you will have to take just one day off whether you work, run a business, or are a busy homemaker. Besides, the whole appointment process should take only a couple of hours.

When you choose same-day braces at Doral Dental Specialty Center, you are choosing greater convenience. If you have a busy schedule, there is no need to return to our office several times before you can get your braces. We understand that many patients don’t want to take time off from work or their business and this prevents them from getting the orthodontic treatment they deserve.

It is important to realize that you will be required to visit our office for checkups, which are usually scheduled once a month. Our Orthodontist in Doral, FL will need to check all the components of your braces and make adjustments, if required.

It may be hard for you to believe that it is possible to get an orthodontic consultation and get your new braces the same day. Same-day braces are real and many of our patients take advantage of this service. This service has especially been made possible due to the latest advances in orthodontic technology. At Doral Dental Specialty Center, we have embraced the latest in technology and procedures and provide effective and efficient orthodontic treatment to our patients.